"A Siren's Odyssey" - title song from A Siren's Odyssey

Music: Daniel Moctezuma
Lyrics: Tres Hanley

I was young I was just a child
But he swept me away
His drum first stirred the beat of my heart
And I loved how we’d play

But Young Love
It so confined
A Siren’s Odyssey
Charting my course
In search of my destiny
My dreams are a force  

The one in search of the Golden Fleece
Entranced me with the rain
Love obsessed, losing ourselves
Bathed in pleasure and pain.

We ran filled with fear
A Siren’s Odyssey
Pulled off my course
Losing sense of my destiny
Through his hypnotic force

Lured to her rock
Bewitched by her song
Immersed in fantasy
Many were her lovers
She’d take their bodies under
But she loved just three  
The last her destiny

A magic dragon flew to my side
Fire warmed my cold heart
In my sea he has found his trove
Nothing could tear us apart

We’ll sail
All the seas
A Siren’s Odyssey
My dreams are on course
At last I found my destiny
An unstoppable force